Who are we?

The NZSIS is a government agency, responsible for giving the Government advice about matters relating to New Zealand’s security. The Service has approximately 200 staff, comprising:

  • intelligence officers
  • support staff, and
  • specialists (including linguists, technicians, legal and accounting staff and information professionals).

Our offices

The Head Office is in Wellington and there are regional offices in Auckland and Wellington.

Our role

The NZSIS is a civilian intelligence and security organisation. Its threefold roles are:

  • to investigate threats to security and to work with other agencies within Government, so that the intelligence it collects is actioned and threats which have been identified are disrupted
  • to collect foreign intelligence, and
  • to provide a range of protective security advice and services to Government.

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Our Chief Executive

The Service's Chief Executive, the Director of Security, is appointed by the Governor-General. The current Director is Ms Rebecca Kitteridge. The Director is responsible to the Minister in Charge.

An Apolitical organisation

The Service is apolitical. Legislation (NZSIS Act 1969) explicitly states that the Minister in Charge may not direct the Service to put any person in New Zealand under surveillance, and it requires the Director of Security to consult regularly with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition to keep them informed about security matters.

The Director also reports to a committee of Parliamentarians known as the Intelligence and Security Committee. Both Government and Opposition parties are represented on this body, whose membership is endorsed by Parliament.