Media Release: NZSIS response to vetting part two report

3 May 2017

The following statement is attributable to Rebecca Kitteridge, Director of Security, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service:

“I welcome part two of the report into the NZSIS holding, use of, and access to, information collected for security vetting purposes and accept all of the Inspector-General’s recommendations,” Ms Kitteridge says.

“NZSIS has made improvements to security of the vetting systems, including regular ongoing testing for system vulnerabilities or compromise and strengthening ICT access controls.

“All four vetting systems are now certified and accredited. There has been no indication to date of any breach or compromise of vetting information.”

The Inspector-General report notes ‘The certification and accreditation programme conducted by the NZSIS from June 2015 to July 2016, together with several significant security improvements made around the same time, provides a significant assurance of the security of each system as it now stands.’

“NZSIS vetting staff take the responsibility of holding personal information seriously.

“I am committed to ensuring our vetting systems and processes continue to comply with government security requirements.” Ms Kitteridge says

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